1. Director of Public Service and Safety

    The Director of Public Service and Safety is responsible for the management of all City functions.

  2. Economic Development

    Where businesses come to find a home in Troy, Ohio.

  3. Electrical Department

  4. Engineering Department

  5. Fire

    Get information about Fire Department programs and stations.

  6. Hobart Arena

    Hobart Arena is the premier local venue for concerts, sporting events, ice skating, and much more!

  7. Human Resources

  8. Income Tax

    File taxes online, download forms, or contact department staff.

  9. Management Information Systems

  10. Maps/GIS

    GIS information and a variety of maps for viewing and download.

  11. Miami Shores Golf Course

    View specials, download scorecards, or sign up for membership.

  12. Parks Department

    See the parks in Troy Ohio.

  13. Planning & Zoning

    Read through the major functions of the Planning and Zoning Department.

  14. Police Department

    Access information and resources pertaining to your local law enforcement agency.

  15. Recreation

    Sign up for programs and see all the Recreation Department has to offer.

  16. Riverside Cemetery

  17. Solid Waste and Recycling

    The workings and responsibilities of the Solid Waste Department.

  18. Street

  19. Troy Aquatic Park

    Check out the Troy Aquatic Park and all of the activities and amenities it has to offer.

  20. Wastewater Treatment

  21. Water Distribution & Sewer Maintenance

  22. Water Treatment

  23. Utility Billing & Collection

    Learn about signing up for Water & Sewer service and where to pay your utility bill.