Committees of Council

Buildings Committee

Chair: William Lutz, Chairperson
Committee: Robin I. Oda, Bobby W. Phillips

Community and Economic Development Committee

Chair: William C. Twiss
Committee:Thomas M.  Kendall, John W. Schweser

Finance Committee

Chair: Thomas M.  Kendall
Committee:  John W. Schweser, Todd D. Severt

Law & Ordinance Committee

Chair: John W. Schweser
Committee: Bobby W. Phillips, Todd D. Severt

Personnel Committee

Chair: Todd D. Severt
Committee: Thomas M.  Kendall, William C. Twiss

Recreation & Parks Committee

Chair: Brock A. Heath
Committee: Robin I. Oda, John L. Terwilliger

Safety & Health Committee

Chair: Robin I. Oda
Committee: John L. Terwilliger, Brock A. Heath

Streets & Sidewalks Committee

Chair: Bobby W. Phillips
Committee: Brock A. Heath, William Lutz

Utilities Committee

Chair: John L. Terwilliger
Committee: William Lutz, William C. Twiss

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