Posted on: June 27, 2017

2017 Paving Program

The City of Troy’s 2017 Paving Program is listed below.

The contractor is the John R. Jurgensen Company.

The contractor plans to start work mid-July.

The paving program includes milling of pavement areas ahead

of the paving work.    Residents/motorists will also notice that

manholes are being raised ahead of the paving work.

       Street                                From                           To

South Dorset Road      West Main Street         McKaig Avenue

Horsham Road              South Dorset Road      Dead End

Merry Robin Road       North Market Street    Shaftsbury Road

Robinhood Lane          Finsbury Lane               Adams Road

Littlejohn Road            Robinhood Lane           North Market Street

Tamworth Road           Robinhood Lane           Dead End

Finsbury Lane              Shaftsbury Road           Tamworth Road

Nottingham Road      Finsbury Lane                 Dead End

Saratoga Drive           Stonyridge Avenue       Troy Urbana Road

Yorktown Drive          Saratoga Drive               Dead End

Vicksburg Court         Saratoga Drive               Cul-de-sac

Custer Court               Saratoga Drive               Cul-de-sac

Lee Road                     Saratoga Drive               Stonyridge Avenue

Liberty Place             Skylark Drive                   Lee Road

Wayne Avenue          Ridge Avenue                 Lake Street

South Cherry  Street  Terrace Place                 Simpson Street

Simpson Street        South Market Street         Plum Street

Terrace Place            South Market  Street      Plum Street

Chelsea Road           Trade Square West         Surrey Road

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