Sidewalk Replacement Program & Resources

Sidewalk Replacement Program  

Sidewalk repair is a vital part of neighborhood and community pride.  Each year a section of the City is selected for the sidewalk replacement program.  This program eliminates safety issues by requiring deteriorated sidewalks be repaired. 

The City Engineering Department reviews the sidewalks and marks the sections that must be replaced.  After the marking is completed, an explanation of the markings, a copy of the required work, an estimated cost, and the options for doing the work are sent to the affected property owners.  The City bids this project and will hire a contractor(s) to perform the work for homeowners who choose this option.  The cost of the project is assessed to the property taxes over a five year period. Homeowners have the option to appoint their own contractor, and avoid the assessment, as long as the contractor is licensed with the City.  The criteria for sidewalk replacements and repairs are established by City Council.

Any property owner that has questions about the program should contact the Engineering Department at (937) 339-2641.


Guidelines & Resources


See the City of Troy Guidelines for Replacement and Repairs of Sidewalks and Driveway Approaches for specific information about the specifications to be followed when repairing the replacing sidewalk and drive approaches.  Click here to open an application for a permit for sidewalk, curb and drive approach.

A list of contractors currently licensed by the City of Troy who perform sidewalk, curb, and gutter work can be accessed by clicking the link. Contractors can be added to the list be filling out the application for a contractor license.