Parks FAQs

Is camping allowed in Troy parks?
Camping is not allowed in Troy's municipal parks, unless express permission is granted by the Board of Park Commissioners.

How do I reserve a park shelter?
You can reserve a shelter online or in person in the Recreation Department office located on the second floor of the Hobart Arena. For online reservations, click here.

How much does it cost to reserve a park shelter?
All shelter reservations are free of charge.

How do I have a tree removed in the curb lawn between the street and sidewalk?
Contact the City Forester at the Park Department office at 937-335-4612. The Forester will conduct a risk assessment on the tree to determine if removal is necessary.

Will the City plant trees in my curb lawn?
Residents wishing to have a tree planted in the curb lawn can take advantage of the City's Adopt-A-Tree program. Residents purchase a tree at a local nursery of their choice. The Park Department will transport and plant purchased trees at no additional cost. Call the Park Department office at 937-335-4612 to learn more or to schedule planting.

Where can I find out about concerts at the amphitheater at Treasure Island Park?
Treasure Island hosts a variety of free events each year! Check out our Treasure Island web page or the Great Miami Riverway’s event calendar for details.