Street FAQs

What number do I call to report a dead animal in the road?
Dead animals in the road can be reported here, or by contacting the City of Troy at (937)-335-1914. 

When will my street be swept?
The street sweeper is out on a routine basis starting in April and continues throughout the summer season (weather permitting). The sweeper starts on the west end of town and work east. It then moves across the river and works north until the route is completed. This route takes approximately 20-30 working days to complete. Please contact the Street Department at (937)-335-1914 to determine the current sweeping status.

How do I report a pothole?
To report a pothole or any other pavement concerns,  click here here or call (937)-335-1914.

How do I get my mailbox replaced when it is damaged by a plow truck?
For instructions on getting your mailbox replaced, please call the City of Troy at (937)-335-1914.

How do I get my curb lawn repaired if it is damaged by the City while plowing snow?
If you believe your curb lawn was damaged during the city's plow operations, please call (937)-335-1914 and provide your name and address. Additional information may also be requested at the time of the call. 

How are sidewalks repairs prioritized?
Each year, a section of the city is selected for the sidewalk replacement program. This program eliminates safety issues by requiring deteriorated sidewalks be repaired. For questions, contact the Engineering Department.