Development FAQs

Does Troy offer tax incentives to build my business in the City?
The City offers three major tax incentives: the Troy Enterprise Zone Program, the Tax Increment Finance District Program, and the Community Reinvestment Area Program. For more information, contact the Development Department or visit

Does my home qualify for the Community Reinvestment Area program?
Community Reinvestment Areas are areas of land in which property owners can receive tax incentives for investing in real property improvements. Troy has two Community Reinvestment Areas (CRAs), which combine to cover the entire city. If you are performing significant improvements to your home or business, you may qualify. Contact us for more information.

Do I need a permit to build a fence, shed, pool or deck?
You typically need a zoning permit for any of these additions. File your permit online by visiting the Online Zoning Permits page. When in doubt, call us before beginning any work.