Fire Department FAQs

What hospital will I be transported to when I call 911?

The Troy Fire Department transports all of our patients to hospitals based upon the guidelines set forth by the Greater Miami Valley EMS Council. These guidelines are our operating protocols and are administered under the direction of our Medical Director.

Under these protocols, the TFD transports all of our patients to the closest and most appropriate hospital, which will normally be Troy Hospital on West Main Street. We do take into consideration the preference of the patient and pre-existing conditions or ongoing treatment unless any of the following conditions are present:

  • It is medically necessary to transport the patient to the closest hospital for stabilization.
  • It is unsafe to transport the patient to the preferred/recommended facility due to adverse weather or ground conditions or excessive transport time.
  • Transporting the patient to the preferred/recommended facility would cause a critical shortage of local EMS resources.

In certain situations, including special pediatric emergencies, special cardiac or stroke emergencies and trauma emergencies, our crews would transport to the appropriate facilities specified in our protocols.

Why do I get an ambulance bill for calling 911 when I pay taxes?
Please understand that billing for EMS transport is a nearly universal concept that’s been in place for decades not only in the Miami Valley but throughout the state of Ohio and nation. We are not unique and we try to manage our costs to minimize any burdens to only those that are truly necessary. Our community is very fortunate to receive professional Paramedic-level service on every call.

Taxes pay for our training, certification, readiness, facilities and equipment used to provide full-time, Paramedic-level emergency medical services. Our ambulance billing revenue only offsets a portion of our overall operating expenses.

If you have questions about or need assistance with paying your bill, we would be happy to have our billing firm contact you with available options.

Where do I find information regarding the new Carbon Monoxide (CO) legislation?
Click here for more information.

Do you offer smoke detectors?
Yes. We do offer smoke detectors to qualified residents of Troy. Please contact the fire prevention office at 937-335-2227 to see if you are qualified.

Am I allowed to have a recreation fire in Troy?
Yes, as long as all of the rules, guidelines and ordinances are followed, including the Ohio EPA regulations. Wood stacks/burning area can be no larger than 2 feet high x 3 feet wide, and you must use/burn clean, seasoned firewood or equivalent. For more details, visit our open burning page here. You may consider calling our non-emergency dispatcher at 937-440-9911 to notify us the night and time of your recreation fire.

How do I get a child car seat checked? 
Please call the Fire Prevention Bureau at 335-2227 to schedule a week-day appointment. If evenings or weekend days are your only availability, please call Shawn at 335-1905. You may also contact the Troy Police Department at 937-339-7525, ext. 423

How do I obtain a copy of an EMS or fire run sheet?
You may request a copy of a run sheet at the Fire Department's Administrative Headquarters, located at 1528 N. Market Street. Call 937-339-0495 for more information.

Do you offer Fire Station tours?
Yes. To schedule a tour, please call Station 1 at (937) 335-5678.

How do I obtain a burn permit? 
You would contact Regional Air Pollution Control Agency at (800) 458-2115 or visit .

Does Troy have a fireworks ordinance?
Troy does not have a local fireworks ordinance, and follows Ohio's fire code. For more information, click here.