Swimming Pool Program


New residents, who moved in to the City Troy after September 30 of last year, may be eligible for a sewer adjustment when filling their swimming pool. Most residents, who have lived in Troy prior to last September, are already participating in the Summer Sewer Average discount program and are automatically receiving an adjustment when they fill their pool. Please call our office to confirm your eligibility and your effective date.


If you are a new resident or do not qualify for the summer sewer average program, simply place your request in writing and include the following information:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Billing Account Number
  • Date you will be filling your pool
  • Size of pool
Then either:
  • Send your request via email
  • Mail it to Billing and Collections
  • Bring it to the Billing and Collections office
  • Place it in the utility night drop on Market Street
The request must be received in the Billing and Collection Department 3 business days prior to your anticipated fill date. A request received after the pool is filled will not receive an adjustment. After you fill your pool on the date requested, a serviceman may make a home visit to measure the pool, a review of your water usage will be made by the Billing & Collections department, and a possible adjustment will be considered. Please contact the Billing and Collections Department at 937-335-4151 with any questions.