Municipal Industrial Pretreatment Program

Because our publicly-owned Wastewater Treatment Plant is not specifically designed to treat the substances produced in certain industrial environments, Troy requires some industrial businesses to participate in a waste water pre-treatment program, as mandated under the federal Clean Water Act and U.S. EPA.

Does my businesses need to participate in the wastewater pre-treatment program?

Your business needs to participate in the pre-treatment program if your industrial business:

  1. Discharges an average of 25,000 gallons per day or more of process wastewater to the sanitary sewer.
  2. Has the potential of discharging process wastewater that contains Total Oil & Grease concentrations above 250 mg/L.
  3. Has the potential of discharging process wastewater that has pH values of less than 6 S.U. or greater than 11 S.U.
  4. Is regulated by 40 CFR Parts 401-471.
  5. Has been designated by the City as a business with reasonable potential for adversely affecting the operation of the sewer collection system or treatment plant, or violating any pre-treatment requirement.

Does Your Company Need a Pretreatment Permit?

Complete this short online survey and we will determine if your company needs to apply for an Industrial Pretreatment Permit.