Mailbox Damage Reimbursement Policy

The following is the procedure to be followed when a resident's mailbox has been damaged due to being hit by a piece of equipment operated by a City of Troy employee:

  • If you believe the city is responsible for damage done to your mailbox during snow removal operations, please call the Central Service and Maintenance Facility at (937)335-1914. 
  • Provide your name, address and phone number, so the Street Department Foreman can come assess the damage to your mailbox.
  • The damage must be verified by the Foreman to make sure it was done by a city vehicle.
  • After Verifying the damage was done by the city, the Street Foreman will contact the resident and inform them of their options for making the necessary repairs.
  • Before any parts are bought, or any repairs are made, residents are required to bring in an estimate for any parts or repair to the Central Service and Maintenance Facility.  This is located at 1400 Experiment Farm Rd, please see Linda in the front office.
  • The resident will be required to fill out and sign a form that releases the City of Troy from any other costs not on the estimate.  The Mailbox Damage Reimbursement Claim Form can be viewed and/or printed here.
  • Any estimates that are considered above the usual cost, will be reviewed with the resident by the Foreman before any approval can be given.
  • Residents that choose to make the repairs themselves will only be reimbursed for the materials listed on the estimate.  No personal labor will be figured into the cost.
  • The resident is given a copy, a copy is kept at the Maintenance Facility and a copy is sent to the Service Director's Office.