Online Permit Filing

The City of Troy is now accepting online zoning permit applications.  The link below will provide you the opportunity to file your permit online and pay online as well.  The City still requires that a site plan be submitted, and fees be paid, at the time of permit submission.  Without the fees and site plan, the application will be considered incomplete and will be held up in processing until the submission is complete. 

Site plans may be emailed to the following:

You can request a permit online by clicking the following: Online Permit Filing

Refund Policy

The City of Troy does not normally allow refunds on zoning permit applications.  However, refund requests are handled on a case by case situation.  Please be sure to review your application thoroughly prior to clicking submit.

Convenience Fees

In order to pay with a credit card, a convenience fee will be charged to your account.

Permits from $1.00 - $50.00 will be charged a convenience fee of 4.00% of the cost of the permit.

Permits from $51.00 and up will be charged a convenience fee of 3.5% of the cost of the permit.

Permits and Fees

1.  Zoning Permit – Accessory $25.00

2.  Zoning Permit – New Residential $50.00 + $1.00/100 Sq Ft

3.  Zoning Permit – New Commercial/Industrial $100.00 + $1.00/100 Sq Ft

4.  Change Of Occupancy Permit $50.00

5.  Sign Permit - New $25.00 + $.50/Sq Ft

6.  Sign Permit – Reface $25.00

7.  Temporary Sign Permit $25.00

8.  Home Occupancy Permit $25.00

9.  BZA – Board Of Zoning Appeal $200.00

10. Tent Permit $50.00

11. Demolition Permit $10.00 + $4.00/1,000 Sq Ft ($75.00 Max)  

12. Temporary Use Permit $50.00


Contact the Department at 937-339-9481 or email at