Activate Troy Partnership

The Activate Troy Partnership is a public-private partnership formed to study and coordinate key community efforts impacting quality of life for all Troy residents.  It was originally formed as a steering committee to advise and direct efforts involving the downtown and riverfront initiative in order to assure a collaborative, well-rounded and realistic approach to development. 

What is the Downtown Riverfront Initiative? 
The Downtown Riverfront Initiative is a comprehensive study of Troy’s historic downtown and riverfront corridor.  The study was commissioned by a group of private organizations, funders, the City of Troy and interested stakeholders who came together to form the Activate Troy Partnership.  

The Study resulted from the 2015 America's Best Communities (ABC) competition in which Troy placed as a quarter-finalist.  One of four key initiatives of the nomination called for a comprehensive plan to provide connectivity to downtown and the riverfront, physically and functionally.  The objective is to create new amenities, attractions and economic opportunities to support the City in workforce attraction.  In late 2016, the Partnership connected with the urban design and planning firm, MKSK, and their strategic partners, to lead the study and provide recommendations for the Downtown Riverfront Strategic Initiative.  

This study was commissioned to help maintain and enhance the special character of the downtown and riverfront corridor, protect its sense of place, encourage investments and create a dynamic commercial and residential district that instills pride in all citizens.  

Current Community Projects
The Study mentions a number of projects by private individuals and organizations that accomplish many of the goals listed above. While these projects are not driven by the Activate Troy Partnership, they are supported as they relate to achieving the goals of the study:

1. 301, 303 & 305 W. Water Street
2. Troy Truck Yard
3. Supper on the Square (Fulton Farms) 

Members (represented by): 
Troy Main Street (Andrea Keller)
Troy Area Chamber of Commerce (Kathi Roetter)
Troy Development Council (Joey Graves)
Troy Community Works (Patti Jones-Logan)
The Troy Foundation (Melissa Kleptz)
Miami County (Richard Osgood)
Troy City Council (John Schweser)
City of Troy (Mayor OdaPatrick Titterington)
At-Large Members: Andrea Keller, Mike Twiss

For more information, contact Kathi Roetter at 937-339-8769.