Green Thumb and Merit Awards

Green Thumb Award

The purpose of the Green Thumb Award is to recognize the landscaping efforts of property owners in maintaining or improving their property and the overall beauty of the city.

  • Only projects or areas that are readily visible from the street can be rewarded
  • General care and overall maintenance
  • Size and mass of the area
  • Color, patterns and textures
  • Overall effect on the building, property and neighborhood

Merit Award

The purpose of the Merit Award is to recognize the architectural improvements made to properties or buildings in the city.

  • The project must be completed
  • Must be readily visible from the street
  • Overall effect and impact on the area or neighborhood

How to nominate someone for a merit award or green thumb award
The City Beautification receives nominations for both awards. Nominations are to be emailed to City Beautification Committee Chairperson Gareth Johnston at .

2022 Troy City Beautification Awards

May Green Thumb Awards

  • 2819 Stonebridge Dr. -  Jesse and Nicole Wingert
  • 326 S. Plum St. 
  • 1326 Golden Eagle Dr. -  Leann and Shawn Perry
  • 1174 S. Ridge  -  Paul and Jenny Weber

May Merit Awards

  • 175 Merry Robin Rd. – Liz and Todd Carroll
  • 126 S. Plum St. -  Mandy Feltner

June Green Thumb Awards

  • 786 Stonyridge – Teresa Tubbs
  • 2649 Executive Dr. – Brian and Julie McNutt
  • 1695 Paradise Trail – Constantin Ruxanda
  • 720 E. Main – Doug and Brenda Ingle
  • 1137 Parklawn Ct. – Matt and Leah Shirey
  • 542 Shaftsbury Rd – Sam and Judy Irvin
  • 1137 Westridge Dr. – Billy Jo and Sharon Emerick
  • 213 Penn Rd. – Myron and Cheryl Fuller
  • 240 Lafayette – Brent and Leslie Gibson
  • 1001 Walker St. 
  • 2629 Stonebridge
  • 620 S. Clay St.

June Merit Award

  • 829 Fountain St. – Clarence Stafford