Human Relations Commission (HRC)

Declaration Poster 0222The Troy Human Relations Commission was first established in 1982, to address various concerns faced by Troy’s minority and majority groups. It was revived in 2020 to address concerns from Troy citizens. To view the HRC's meeting schedule, check the City calendar.

Governing Law: The Human Relations Commission is established by Chapter 135 of the Troy Codified Ordinances. Chapter 135 states that the Commission is intended to:

  • (a) To study the problems of inter-group relationships, including but not limited to those relationships which involve age, race, physical or mental handicaps, poverty or sex as a basis for distinction, within the City and advise and cooperate with the Mayor, Council, the Service and Safety Director and all other City agencies, boards and officials with respect to any such problems. 
  • (b) To enlist the cooperation of all racial, religious, ethnic, educational, community, civic, labor, fraternal and benevolent groups, associations and societies and all constructive community forces and talents necessary to combat misunderstanding, prejudice, intolerance and bigotry in inter-group relationships. 
  • (c) To cooperate with federal, State and City agencies, the Board of Education and the parochial schools in formulating and developing courses of education to combat misunderstanding, prejudice, intolerance and bigotry in inter-group relationships. 
  • (d) To receive and investigate complaints, including but not limited to, the following categories: age discrimination, handicapped discrimination, poverty discrimination, racial discrimination, and sex discrimination. To initiate and conduct surveys concerning the foregoing categories. To confer with any and all groups, hold hearings, make investigations and assemble pertinent data concerning the foregoing categories. 
  • (e) To endeavor by persuasion and education, to induce public and private employers, labor and professional organizations and employment agencies to institute nondiscriminatory practices in employment, union membership, promotion, wages, working conditions, lay-offs, job opportunities and housing and public accommodations.

Membership and Terms: The Commission consists of six to fifteen members broadly representing the racial, religious and ethnic groups within the City. Of the members initially appointed, one-third shall be appointed for one year, one-third for two years and one-third for three years, creating staggered terms. Thereafter, all appointments shall be for three years.

Appointment: Members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by Council.

Agendas and Meeting Minutes: Available here.


Name:Initial Appointment:Current Term Expires:Phone:Contact:
KaneKane FeltnerJune 22, 2020Dec. 31, 2024937-657-5724Email
Sonia N. Holycross PREFERREDSonia HolycrossJune 22, 2020Dec. 31, 2025937-216-1770Email
JonJon KellerJune 22, 2020Dec. 31, 2025937-417-0675Email
MarvinMarvin Major, Sr.June 22, 2020Dec. 31, 2023859-312-7328Email
Todd SevertTodd SevertJune 22, 2020Dec. 31, 2023937-238-9822Email

Ruby Villalobos

Feb 17, 2021Dec. 31, 2025


Staff Contact: Salome Hekate, Management Analyst


To view agendas and minutes, click here.

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