West Main Street Improvements


Main Street is OPEN for business! (1)

Project Updates: November 9, 2023

West Main Updates from Prime Engineering:

We’ve come a long way! New pavement, traffic signals, signage, concrete walks, and curbs make a big difference in the looks and functionality of West Main. It could NOT have happened without your patience and cooperation! Thank you!

Trees are being installed in the West Main Phase 1 streetscape between Plum Street and Short Street this week! Phase 1 of the West Main Improvement Project is continuing to wrap up. The traffic signal at West Main and Plum will be replaced in the coming weeks, and decorative street lights will be installed.

As always, we thank you for your patience and understanding. Please contact us for more information at MainStImprovements@primeeng.com. Upcoming road closures can be viewed here.

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Project Overview: A road to a better Troy!

Beginning in 2022, the City of Troy will make major improvements to Main Street (State Route 41), stretching from 1-75 to the Public Square. These improvements are intended to not only upgrade the existing infrastructure, but to improve traffic flow and safety for Troy's main through road.

The project will:

  • Widen the roadway
  • Replace sidewalk curb and gutter
  • Provide a 4-foot grass strip between the roadway and the sidewalk along the corridor
  • Modify the roadway between Adams Street and Cherry Street to provide three lanes and deeper angled parking stalls
  • Install a raised median between Elm Street and Adams Street
  • Remove stoplights at Cherry Street and Cedar Street, replacing them with a two-way north-south stop
  • Relocate the stoplight from Monroe Street to Oxford Street
  • Install advanced-detection signals at all stoplights in the corridor
  • Upgrade lighting
  • Upgrade buried infrastructure where applicable (including CenterPoint gas lines)
  • Burying existing overhead electric and fiber utilities between Dorset Road and Ridge Avenue

Some of these improvements are illustrated below. Traffic studies show that over 20 percent of crashes in Troy occur on the West Main Corridor. Wider lanes mean less congestion, fewer incidences of sideswipe crashes, and safer pedestrians.

Public Presentation Phase 1
Public Presentation Phase 2
Phase 1 Proposed Plans
Phase 2 Proposed Plans


Utility improvements began in spring 2022 along the West Main Street Corridor. Phase 1 of the project, stretching from Ridge Avenue to Cherry Street will begin in summer 2022. Phase 2 of the project, from the 1-75 on-ramp to Ridge Avenue will begin in fall 2023.

West Main St Phase 2 (PID 110253) Public Meeting_Page_04

Proposed Improvements

Some of the proposed improvements are illustrated below. 

Widened Roadways

A typical section of the new West Main Corridor will have wider lanes than currently exist, which will reduce sideswipe accidents. 

West Main St Phase 2 (PID 110253) Public Meeting_Page_08

Buffered Sidewalks

While the sidewalks along West Main will remain at five feet, a wider buffer strip will keep pedestrians away from traffic.

Pedestrian Improvements

Traffic Flow Improvements

Several changes will be made to improve traffic flow along West Main. Some of these are illustrated below. 

Phase 1 will include upgrades and changes to traffic signals from the downtown area to Ridge Avenue. 

Phase 2 will bring updates to major intersections as described in the below graphic.

Proposed Changes


Will the corridor be more pedestrian friendly?

Yes! The current curbs are nonexistent in many locations around the corridor as well as the sidewalks are in need of replacement due to tripping hazards, cracking and pitting. After the project, a grass buffer will exist between the sidewalks and the road, making the sidewalks safer for pedestrians. 

Will traffic congestion be reduced at the end of the project? 

Yes. The addition of turn lanes (for example: at the Dorset Road intersection) will reduce unnecessary queuing, and smarter traffic signals will help to move traffic along. Some current traffic signals operate on a timer and do not "see" vehicles. The new traffic signals will include sensors that detect traffic at intersections and be able to adjust according to traffic volumes.

How is the project being funded? 

The project is being funded from several different sources.  The City obtained federal grant funding to improve the safety along the corridor, assistance from Ohio Department of Transportation for an urban paving program, and grant funding from Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) to improve the corridor. The project will be funded by City funds for the remainder of the project. 

Are there any aesthetic elements included in the project? 

The entire corridor is getting a new layer of asphalt, new curbs, sidewalks, traffic signals, street trees closer to downtown, street scape in front of the Miami County Courthouse, and many other aesthetic features.  The corridor as a whole is receiving a “face lift.” A new curb lawn—the median between the sidewalk and the street—will create a cleaner look for our sidewalks. The City has worked diligently with AES in order to bury the power pole line along the corridor between Ridge Avenue and Dorset Road.

Where is the space for the widened road coming from?

To accommodate lane widening and the new median between the grass and the sidewalks, the City is widening the overall footprint of the corridor. The additional footage is included in the existing right-of-way, the area that is owned by the City.

Tips for Living with Construction

While construction can be annoying, it won’t last forever—and workers on the ground are building a better thoroughfare for our community. Please be kind to our workers, and plan ahead to make travelling easier.

  • Postal mail about project in your area will come labeled with the City of Troy logo, so keep an eye out for envelopes marked with that logo.
  • Please continue to support our local businesses! Driveways will remain open unless coordinated with property owners. 
  • Take construction into account when you’re planning drive times, and consider consolidating trips. 
  • Plan alternative routes. Visit our Road Closures map to plan detours. You can see all of the capital improvements projects for the City at our Property and Project Portal.
  • Check for no-parking signs before parking on Main Street. No parking signs will specify hours and dates when parking will be limited.
  • Keep an eye on construction while driving. Pay attention, slow down, and move over to keep yourself and workers safe. Please be kind to our construction workers and contractors!


Questions can be answered by the City’s project manager, Dan Todd, at mainstimprovements@primeeng.com. You can also contact the City of Troy Engineering Department 937-339-2641.