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West Main Street Updates

Posted on: November 14, 2022

West Main Updates - 11/14/2022

Just last week we were encouraging everyone to enjoy the remaining warm weather. It now seems that we have fully transitioned to fall. A lot can happen in one week in terms of weather AND construction! Please see this week's construction update below:

Storm sewer work under Adams Street near Main Street is now completed.  New catch basins were also installed in this area.   The new storm sewer work is continuing to the east.  The operation will soon be crossing Monroe Street and Oxford Street.  A new traffic pattern is scheduled to be put in place on Monday, November 14, which will allow for this work.  The westbound traffic will be put into one lane via a right lane closure. The existing parking will continue to be permitted until the construction must enter the parking area.  Eastbound traffic will not be impacted.

Light pole foundations, traffic signal pole foundations and conduits for wiring will continue to be installed from Ridge Avenue to Adams Street.

New concrete curb and gutters have now been finished from Ridge Avenue to Adams Street.  This new curb is approximately three feet behind the location of the previous curb.   New sidewalks and concrete drives will now be built.  There will be a four-foot grass strip between the new curb and the new sidewalk. 

It looks like fall has arrived.  The construction will slow and will be suspended when the weather is too severe, however, steps are being taken to continue working when possible.  For example, blankets will be used to cover fresh concrete to prevent it from freezing until hardened.  As much as possible, the contractors intend to work through the winter.   

An interesting aspect to the work has been finding old paver blocks in the work area.  Some paver blocks were found in the Elm Street area, more were found heading towards Adams Street and full sections of blocks were uncovered at the Adams Street intersection.  Most of the blocks are marked as “Townsend Block Z. O.”.   The “Z. O.” signifies Zanesville, Ohio.  The curbs that were used with the paver blocks were cut sandstone sections.  The roadway looked much different when it was used by horses and buggies.

As always, thank you for your patience and understanding. For more information, please visit or submit your question via email to: