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West Main Street Updates

Posted on: May 11, 2023

West Main Update - 5/11/2023

Hopefully, drivers and residents have noticed significant changes in the West Main Street project. Here is a list of the major items accomplished in the past two weeks:


  • The main storm sewer branch located at the intersection of West Mains Street and Elm Street was completed. 
  • The last run of storm sewer and catch basin has been constructed on the south side of the road, between Cedar Street and Elm Street.
  • The majority of unpaved areas along the curb line along the north side between Adams Street and Short Street and along the south side between Ridge Avenue and Cedar Street on West Main Street were filled with full-depth asphalt to allow for parking and use of the street.
  • Curb and gutters were installed between Elm Street and Plum Street along the south side. Curbs and gutters are approximately 90 percent completed.
  • Light pole foundations and conduit underground for electric lighting are being installed from Adams Street to Plum Street along the south side.
  • Traffic signal poles have been set along the north side at Ridge Avenue, Adams Street, and Oxford Street and along the south side at Ridge Avenue and Adams Street. There are a few areas where the foundation is not constructed yet.
  • The streetscape concrete sidewalk is completed between Short Street and Plum Street, which is in front of the Miami County Courthouse and the Miami County Safety Building. 
  • Many curb ramps, driveways, and sidewalks are completed with concrete ramps, driveways, and sidewalks yet to be completed along the north side between Plum Street and Cherry Street and along the south side between Cedar Street and Cherry Street. 
  • Topsoil and hydroseeding were done in all of the areas available to do so. If your lawn or curb lawn has been newly seeded, water the new lawn during dry periods and avoid using herbicides on the new grass.


The contractor will continue to prepare for the remainder of the curb and gutter to be installed; they will continue to work on the concrete ramps, sidewalks, and drive approaches including the streetscape concrete sidewalks along the north side. The north side of the street should be close to completion in the coming weeks in preparation for the Troy Strawberry Festival. 


As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue moving forward.


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