Why do I get an ambulance bill for calling 911 when I pay taxes?

Please understand that billing for EMS transport is a nearly universal concept that’s been in place for decades not only in the Miami Valley but throughout the state of Ohio and nation. We are not unique and we try to manage our costs to minimize any burdens to only those that are truly necessary. Our community is very fortunate to receive professional Paramedic-level service on every call.

Taxes pay for our training, certification, readiness, facilities and equipment used to provide full-time, Paramedic-level emergency medical services. Our ambulance billing revenue only offsets a portion of our overall operating expenses.

If you have questions about or need assistance with paying your bill, we would be happy to have our billing firm contact you with available options.

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2. Why do I get an ambulance bill for calling 911 when I pay taxes?
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