Utility Billing & Collection

The City of Troy Billing & Collection Department is primarily responsible for the Customer Service side of the city utilities. As a new resident, you would come to our office, located on the first floor of city hall, to sign up for water, sewer, refuse & recycling service. We are responsible for generating the bills, as well as then accepting and processing your payment for the services provided.

Additionally, the department administers the billing and collection for other city services, including but not limited to, bulk water usage, storm water assessments, zoning related assessments for weed mowing and nuisance trash removal. This department also receives payment of our Hotel Motel (Transient Occupancy) Tax.

The links on the left will also give you more information about what you should do before you fill a swimming pool or establish a new lawn. You will find detailed information about signing up for service, find our water & sewer rates, and learn about your options for payment. 

View Your Bill Online

We are pleased to announce that you can now view your bill on line before you receive it in the mail. You need to register your account using your account number and service address exactly as they appear on your bill. Once registration is complete, you will be able to check your current bill as well as past bills.  The billing tab gives you the bill breakdown. The services tab shows your past and present usage in graph form. The payments tab allows you to view just the payments made on your account. While the transactions tab will show you bills and payments posted to your account. Click here to register or log in to pay your bill online.

If you wish to receive your statement by e-mail, you can  register to do so here. Once you have registered to receive your statement by email, a paper statement will no longer be sent to your physical address through the post office.

Pay by Credit or Debit Card 

Our new on line portal will now allow you to pay your bill by credit or debit card. You may use Master Card, Visa or Discover.  We are unable to accept American Express.  A small convenience fee of $2.75 will apply for each transaction up to $100. Transactions over $100 will pay a 2.75% convenience fee.  This fee is not retained by the City of Troy, but is charged by our third-party provider to process the transactions. Click here to register your account in order to pay by credit card and then use this same link to log in and pay in the future.

2023 Information for Residential Irrigation Accounts

The following information is for residents with residential water irrigation accounts:

The City of Troy has scheduled reconnection of water for irrigation service for the week of April 17, 2023.  A serviceman will reconnect water for your irrigation system at this time.   Reconnection of service means that the City will ensure that water is available for your system. Billing for water to your irrigation system will begin at this time. If you have a plumber or irrigation company that sets up your irrigation system, please let them know that water service will be available after this reconnection during the week of April 17, 2023.

You are required to have a backflow certification completed and remitted to Miami County Public Health.   For dates, deadlines and requirements, please contact Miami County Public Health at (937) 573-3534 or 573-3535 or eh@miamicountyhealth.net.

Should you wish to have this scheduled for another time, please contact our office prior to 3pm on April 14, 2023 at 937-335-4151. Please be aware that having this scheduled for individual connection at a time other than our City-wide scheduled time for the week of    April 17, 2023 will result in a $25.00 charge to your utility account.

City-wide disconnection of water service will occur during the week of October 23, 2023. Should you wish to have water to your irrigation service disconnected at a time other than the scheduled City-wide disconnection, please contact our office prior to that date. Again, individual disconnection at a different time will result in a $25.00 charge to your utility account.