Open Burning

Know Ohio's Open Burning Regulations

Open burning is any time you light an outdoor fire without a chimney or stack.
When burning refuse in burn barrels or open piles, the potential cost to your health, your home, your neighbors and your environment far exceeds the price of adequate collection services.

Protect yourself, your neighbors and your wallet by knowing the rules—what you can burn and where.

Some studies indicate that even small camp fires burning clean wood can emit harmful chemicals. Burning "unclean" materials can be even more hazardous. For example, when you burn refuse in burn barrels or open piles, the potential cost to your health, your home, your neighbors and your environment far exceeds the price of adequate collection services. Protect yourself, your neighbors and your wallet by knowing what you can burn and where.

Are Recreation Fires Permitted?

Yes, as long as all of the rules, guidelines and ordinances are followed, including the Ohio EPA regulations. Wood stacks/burning area can be no larger than 2 ft. high x 3 ft. wide and you must use/burn clean, seasoned firewood or equivalent.

Do I need a Burn Permit for what I'm trying to do?

Below is an image that may provide you with information on whether or not you will need to obtain a burn permit. You may also view this EPA Open Burn fact sheet or visit EPA Open Burning online for more information. If a burn permit is required, fill out this Open Burn Request Form and apply through the Ohio EPA.

You may visit the Ohio EPA online at or call them at (614)-644-2270.

Open Burning