Electric Aggregation Information

Residences and businesses in Troy are serviced by AES Ohio (formerly DP&L), and you will receive your electricity bill from that company. There are two parts to your electricity bill: the delivery fee and the supply fee. AES Ohio is your electricity delivery provider. Ohio law permits you to choose your own supplier.

What is electricity aggregation?

In order to provide lower electricity rates, Troy competitively bids supply rates every three years, negotiating a rate that is available to both residents and small businesses. Residents and small businesses are initially enrolled in the program by default; however, they may opt out at any time.

Will electricity aggregation save me money?

Troy has had an electricity aggregation program since 2011, and members of the program have been able to realize lower electricity supply costs than the local average. We are presently in our third three-year contract. Aggregated savings throughout the first two contracts has exceeded $5 million, with eligible residents saving an average of approximately $65 annually and eligible small businesses an average of $147 per year compared to Dayton Power & Light’s current rates. 

Members of the electricity aggregation program are currently paying a rate of 4.49 cents per kWh (kilowatt-hour) for supply charges, and this supply rate will remain in place through April 2023. A new term runs from May 1, 2023 to April 31, 2024. At the start of the new term, the electric rate will increase to 7.26 cents per kWh. This cost is lower than AES Ohio’s standard rate of 10.9 cents per kWh.

Who is Troy’s electricity aggregation supplier?

Troy’s current supplier is Energy Harbor, while AES Ohio provides delivery of electricity and maintains electricity infrastructure, poles and wires. 

Am I in the electricity aggregation?

To identify your current energy supplier, look at the back of the first page of your AES Ohio bill. You will see the name and logo of your supplier, as well as your current per kWh rate.

How do I opt into the electricity aggregation?

There is no fee from Energy Harbor to opt in, but please note that other suppliers may charge a contract termination fee. Contact your supplier to find out what, if any, termination fee may apply.

For customer service questions or inquiries, or to opt into the City’s electricity aggregation program, contact Energy Harbor at (866) 636-3749. You can find out more online at energyharbor.com

For questions about Troy’s electricity aggregation plan, contact Mark Wendling, Assistant Director of Public Service and Safety for the City of Troy at 937-339-7639.